GasoLine shipment, March 2023


Long awaited and delayed shipment from GasoLine is in and listed online. (Apologies for the inconvenience.)

Four new resin kits, and restock. Most of the items received were on watchlists - notifications have now been sent. As mentioned before, any items on watchlists that were not received are not available/back-ordered.


GasoLine GAS50282K: 1/48 Renault AGC 3 Ambulance Truck
GasoLine GAS50283K: 1/48 Renault AGC 3 Truck
GasoLine GAS50287K: 1/48 Renault R40 Tank
GasoLine GAS50288K: 1/48 AMX 10 P APC


GasoLine GAS48012A: 1/48 T-34 Mixed Steel Spider Wheels
GasoLine GAS48045K: 1/48 Zimmerit Hull for Pz.IV
GasoLine GAS48059K: 1/48 Motor for Kubelwagen with Cold Weather Starter for Panther
GasoLine GAS48063K: 1/48 US M12 155mm Self-propelled Gun
GasoLine GAS48078K: 1/48 GMC Dump Truck
GasoLine GAS48097K: 1/48 Accessories for Sd.Kfz.234
GasoLine GAS48103K: 1/48 Sd.Kfz.234/4 75mm PaK40
GasoLine GAS48104K: 1/48 Sherman M4A3E8 T-66 Tracks
GasoLine GAS48135K: 1/48 Churchill Type T-144 Tracks
GasoLine GAS48139K: 1/48 KMT-5 Mine Roller for T-55

GasoLine GAS50009K: 1/48 French Citroen Type 23 Light Truck
GasoLine GAS50033KA: 1/48 Renault FT-17 w Berliet turret, 37mm cannon
GasoLine GAS50151K: 1/48 Italian L6/40 Light Tank
GasoLine GAS50166K: 1/48 Bofors 40mm AA Gun
GasoLine GAS50182K: 1/48 US M2A1 105mm Howitzer
GasoLine GAS50201K: 1/48 sWS with 15cm PanzerWerfer 42
GasoLine GAS50246K: 1/48 M113 ACAV APC, Vietnam
GasoLine GAS50277K: 1/48 Ford CMP Chevy C60L GS Truck

GasoLine GAS50325: 1/48 German tank crew with winter-dressed Panzergrenadiers (4)
GasoLine GAS50363: 1/48 US MP with German officer prisoner for "Jeep"
GasoLine GAS50365: 1/48 German Panther tank crew
GasoLine GAS50370: 1/48 German StuG.III crew, winter
GasoLine GAS50376: 1/48 Officer and radio for Sd.Kfz.250/3
GasoLine GAS50383: 1/48 Marder III crew "in action" Russia
GasoLine GAS50387: 1/48 German crew "in supply" DAK
GasoLine GAS50395: 1/48 British tank crew Europe 1944-45
GasoLine GAS50399: 1/48 US infantry Korea winter
GasoLine GAS50402: 1/48 Russian tank crew (2)
GasoLine GAS50411: 1/48 British Tank Crew in battledress
GasoLine GAS50901: 1/48 US WWII Utility Vehicle decals
GasoLine GAS50902: 1/48 US WWII Tank and Vehicle decals