GasoLine shipment, March 2022


GasoLine shipment received and online. Re-stock, latest items, some new to us, special orders. We have also listed few of the missing decal sheets that were available.

Newly listed resin kits and conversions:

  • GasoLine GAS50281K: 1/48 German Sd.Ah.51 Ammunition Trailer
  • GasoLine GAS50277K: 1/48 Ford CMP Chevy C60L GS Truck
  • GasoLine GAS50273K: 1/48 PAK97/38 7.5cm AT Gun
  • GasoLine GAS50268K: 1/48 International Harvester M426 5t 4x2 Tractor
  • GasoLine GAS50264K: 1/48 Chevrolet K-51 Radio Truck
  • GasoLine GAS50262K: 1/48 US M10 Ammunition Trailer
  • GasoLine GAS50254K: 1/48 Brockway B666 6x6 Bridge Erector Truck
  • GasoLine GAS48100K: 1/48 GMC Workshop ST6

Accessories, decals, figures:

  • GasoLine GAS50254KC: 1/48 Bridge Load for Brockway B666 6x6 Bridge Erector Truck
  • GasoLine GAS50920: 1/48 US tank and vehicle decals
  • GasoLine GAS50414: 1/48 French Soldiers 2020 (2)