GasoLine metal barrels


We have uncovered a small batch of metal gun barrels from GasoLine hiding in the warehouse. These are no longer available, so whatever is listed in stock will be it.

  • GasoLine GAS48044G: 1/48 85mm D5-S barrel for SU-85
  • GasoLine GAS50015G: 1/48 75mm PaK40 barrel
  • GasoLine GAS50078G: 1/48 76.2mm Obr.36 T-34/AT gun barrel
  • GasoLine GAS50084G: 1/48 128mm KwK 44 L/55 PaK44 barrel for Maus/E-100/Jagdtiger
  • GasoLine GAS50086G: 1/48 37mm FlaK36/37 barrel
  • GasoLine GAS50530G: 1/48 75mm M3 barrel for Sherman/Lee/Grant
  • GasoLine GAS50569G: 1/48 12.7mm Cal.50 Browning M2 barrel
  • GasoLine GAS50821G: 1/48 85mm barrel for T-34/85
  • GasoLine GAS50826G: 1/48 76mm barrel for Sherman
  • GasoLine GAS50842G: 1/48 75mm PaK42 L/70 for Jagdpanzer IV
  • GasoLine GAS50853G: 1/48 88mm barrel for Jagdpanther
  • GasoLine GAS50862G: 1/48 150mm s.FH.18 barrel
  • GasoLine GAS50884G: 1/48 90mm M3 barrel for Pershing/Jackson