Tamiya 32602: 1/48 WWII Wehrmacht Infantry Set

Tamiya 32602 - 1/48 WWII Wehrmacht Infantry Set

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1/48 Military Miniature Series No.102
Item No: 32602

★These highly accurate figures depict infantry in the WWII German Wehrmacht, and were designed using the latest 3D scanning techniques.
★Ten figures in total are included, with subjects such as an NCO with binoculars, a rifleman in the rubble, and various soldiers pictured on the move, or even on the ground - a truly versatile offering.
★Why not use these figures with the many armour models in the same 1/48 Military Miniature series, for a brilliant diorama?
★Finely molded weapons such as the Kar98k rifle, plus MG34, MG42 and MG40 guns.
★Figures and accessories fit superbly together for a highly realistic finish.

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