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by: Garfield Ingram

This is the Tamiya Cromwell built out of the box. The model was painted with Tamiya olive drab acrylic which was very dark. The model was then given several washes of diluted Model Master olive drab enamel which gave the finish asubtle texture while lightening the basic colour.  Windsor Newton 'Permanent White', gouache was hand painted over most of the surfaces of the model, ensuring that it was as opaque as possible.  When it was thoroughly dry, the model was held under gently running water and a lot of the whitewash was removed. Several tissues came in handy to dab away the white paint. I tried to take it away from areas that I believed would have been under heavy wear. This colour unlike Zinc White, tends to stick to the surface of the model, leaving a fine residue which grayed out the paint. I therefore went over the o.d. some more with thinned M.M. enamel to bring back the density of the paint.

Backing up a bit here, I assembled the lower hull, wheels and tracks first, thus treating this as a separate assembly. White wash was applied to the wheel hubs and vertical surfaces after receiving a coat of Tamiya o.d. I wanted to represent a vehicle which was running through wet, spring mud and so all lower components including the tracks received a number of very thin washes of grey/brown flat enamel. A very small amount of the whitewash was allowed to peek through the mud wash. When it was completely dry, I airbrushed a few light coats of Future giving the mud a soft sheen, representing wetness.

After the lower hull was completed, the upper hull was attached, painted and weathered. I used the left over mixture of mud on the back, front and sides of the vehicle. Kit decals were used but the star on the turret top required a lot of softener to make it conform to the exhaust ring.  After the decals were dry, I coated them with a thin mixture of Humbrol brown to kill the vividness of the colours and white. The stowage rolls were scratchbuilt from epoxy putty and the figures are from Art of War.



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